Minecraft Server



Minecraft is the addictive game EVERYBODY is playing. The game is about building to great heights, griefing a building to pieces, or chatting with friends until your keyboard breaks. The game initializes the inner creative geek within the very mind of the player, which can create amazing structures made of natural and man-made materials. 

Who is Herobrine?

 Herobrine is the ghost of notch(The creator of Minecraft)'s "brother". He is the ultimate game-glitch, who was removed from the game immediately after gamers didn't get idea of the words "glitch" and "ghost". The character was essentially a hoax created to scare gamers, no actual evidence was ever found, but just the thought still haunts the minds of Minecrafters across the world. Will he ever be found? No one really knows. Only you, the player, will ever be able to find him, get proof from taking screenshots, and become the most famous Minecraft player in all of history!

Where is the server?

Where can you find or track-down Herobrine? Only on server, HEROBRINE RETURNS!: The Epic Server! Will you ever get proof, and become famous? Only time will tell, only time.


MINECRAFT and all related names and logos is copyright 2013 Notch and Mojang AB(TM). HEROBRINE RETURNS!: The Epic Server and all related names and logos are copyright 2013 Inhacement Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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